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Chanakya is A Professional College, it was established (2019-20) with the aim of providing quality higher education with minimum cost in rural area with high quality standards. It persistently seeks and adopts innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education on a consistent basis. The campus has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from all corners of the globe. Experienced and learned teachers are strongly encouraged to nurture the students. The global standards set at Chanakya in the field of teaching and learning spurt us on in our relentless pursuit of excellence. Chanakya is caption of Creativity and it is spritful services to young generation of rural area. The highly motivated youngsters on the campus are a constant source of pride.
College is to update and modernize the quality of professional education. Its aim is to employ innovative teaching methods which carry an emphasis on fast-changing technological trends. This is to integrate classroom learning with actual work experience in the industry concerned or in a related professional field college aims to encourage students from the first year B.COM with Computer Applications and Bachelor of Social Work itself, to identify suitable work areas and to execute projects of their own choice and interest. The teaching-learning process is carried out through the use of overhead and Chanakya App, You Tube Channels Free internet in the campus digital library modern Pedagogical Methods internship (work from home During Study period) and Placement Social Entrepreneurship, Multi-dimensional skills and Job oriented training in public and private sector.

Principal Name

Our Vision

Chanakya is Caption of creativity and spritful services to young generation

Our Mission

  • Quality Education at Affordable Cost
  • Focus on new and innovative skills and ideas
  • Practice high ethical and technological standards.
  • Respect and protect the learning environment.
  • Meet the changing needs and desires of industries and youth Communities


  • Social Responsibility Respect the culture and customs of every time and contribute to economic and social development through education and training activities in the communities
  • Personal Integrity Dedicate ourselves to providing Knowledge and Skilled youths and to enhancing the quality of educations everywhere through all our activities.
  • Academic Excellence Foster a work culture that enhances individual creativity and teamwork value, while honoring mutual trust and respect between students and faculties
  • Good Quotient endeavour to uphold excellence in all spheres by adopt best practices in effort and effect

Core Values

  • Provide a great work environment and treat each other with respect and dignity.
  • Adopt the highest standards of excellence to the teaching, learning and Pedagogical Methods.
  • Develop the skills enthusiastically satisfied industries all of the time. Contribute positively to our students’ communities and our rural environment.
  • Recognize the profitability Culture to our future success

Principal’s Desk

Dear Students,
Greetings from Pr`incipal!!!
At the outset I thank you for choosing Chanakya College for pursuing your professional dream.
On behalf of the Management of SRED Trust, and the faculty and staff of the college, I welcome you onboard. The college is surrounded by the green and beautiful landscape that will make your stay pleasant and comfortable. The college campus, quiet and serene ambience are meant to provide you with a perfect environment that is conducive to learn your chosen BCOM with CA and BSW course.


On the academic front, we have provided the best quality class rooms, laboratories, library facilities and Chanakya App We have taken utmost care while recruiting the faculty and staff. The discipline and time-bound life-style is emphasized in the campus. We have provided 24-hour internet access for enjoyable learning experience. During the course of your degree programme, it will be our sincere endeavour to ensure that your overall personality undergoes positive transformation through special guest lectures on varied subjects by eminent personalities, visits to industries in the vicinity, movie screening, and regular interaction with the principal and faculty of the college. The first duty of the student is to study, the second duty is to punctuality. The seven tips focus on quick learning of the subjects of your semester are:
Be punctual, organized and regular in attending classes; attendance and performance are essential.
Be attentive in the class in online and offline while the lecture is in progress and make your own notes as appropriate;
Make it a habit to glance through your class notes at the end of each day and read from a good book for each subject;
Make sincere and conscious effort of improving your listening, reading, writing, and speaking skills in English to have an edge over others;
Manage your time efficiently by allocating adequate time for each of the important activities like studying, physical and mental exercising, reading book/English newspaper, etc;
Do not hesitate to approach your subject teacher if any topic is not understood by you or when you have any other doubt/difficulty;
Maintain a separate notebook for some subjects to practice numerical problems, answering theory questions, drawing diagrams, etc;
I wish you comfortable, enjoyable and fruitful learning years in VCE, and a bright and successful future ahead.
With best wishes.
Chanakya College, Somwarpet
Mobile No:8762546608

CEO Message

In a world that is ruled by technology, every aspect of life is determined by the innovation, upgradation and application of technology that is relevant and manageable. The development and use of technology is again rested on the individuals who are exposed to such technology, have first-hand experience in handling it.
I extremely realize the deficiency of Educational Institution, so Technical based administration adopted in our College. I found the Chanakya college with the sole aim to serve the people for such kind of education.
As the CEO/ Executive officer of this Institute, I assure you that college will provide and assist all the candidates in pursuing their goals. Come at Chanakya college, you will find a quality of life that’s very high and different, both in academic pursuits for seeking professional excellence that will enrich you and make you efficient, confident and successful.”

With best wishes.
Chanakya College, Somwarpet
Mobile No:8762546608

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